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geekmusic podcast september 2013

Surprise! The Geekmusic Podcast! Episode 5, September 2013. It’s a short one (18 minutes) but it’s here. I play some very early bits from the Bone Walker soundtrack, talk about nwcMUSIC 2014, plus – SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! – I’m an attending pro at Vancouver’s VCON this October! I’ll have a 10pm Saturday show, and will be running a workshop and some panels.

But here’s the podcast:

Tell me who you want to hear about or hopefully just outright hear in a future episode, too! Hopefully in October or November we can get back to normal lengths.

Oh, if you don’t like YouTube, we have direct mp3 download and Soundcloud links at the Podcast page, like usual.

In related news, an update on the post I made yesterday about the return of Seattle Geekly: they made their Kickstarter goal! Go them! But it’s not too late to jump on that bandwagon, they have stretch goals and such, like y’do.

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