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a brief post-geekgirlcon note

First, thanks to Captain America, Minion Amber, Minion Anna, and Minion Nicole for working the show on Saturday at GeekGirlCon; I think, on the whole, it worked as a dramatic piece, but it’s hard to tell from stage. If you were there, I hope you’ll give some feedback, as it was the first time we’d tried that!

Thanks to GeekGirlCon for letting us do our little production, as well. ^_^ I spent most of Saturday on the show, and then wandering about a bit; Sunday I spent almost entirely in the gaming pit. GGC’s gaming pit needs a Looking For Group signup, but is really nice. I also bought a game.

Kyoshi and Water Tribe

Secondly, I’m probably going to be radio-quiet for a while, as I have to go in for emergency eye surgery tomorrow. This is unrelated to anything at the convention; I’ll write up a longer post about that, next.

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