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it's secrets all the way down

So get this: the secret internal "legal opinion" that was used to justify the secret court's ruling on illegal domestic spying on everyone? The secret court ordered the domestic spying agencies to release a redacted version of it.

They've refused. So now not only is the secret interpretation of the secret law too secret for the secret court, it's so secret that they're just telling the secret court, "No."

All we need now is for the secret domestic spying agencies to tell the secret court that they can't tell the secret court why the secret justification for all the illegal domestic secret spying is too secret to release because that, too, is too secret to release.

Feds tell FISA court, "No."

In all seriousness: this is, really, genuinely, a tyrannical act. But I imagine they'll get away with it. They've got away with everything else.

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