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yet another eye update

Another week, another appointment. I was getting really worried, because a few days ago (same number of days past surgery as the first time when things went wrong), I started seeing some dot floaters in my right eye. Then on the way downtown, the sun was out, and I saw a lot of them, and kind of panicked.

BUT: despite all the dots, the retina is still well-attached. I made Dr. Saperstein do a second, higher-magnification check and it passed that too – though he was a little nonplussed about a second check. But it helped when I saw the device he needed to use on my eye and instead of squicking said, “oh, this. I don’t mind this,” and he settled down and did the extended check.

So at this point, things should be okay. I have another appointment in two weeks; I will be able to wear contact lenses again (if not with full vision) by this coming week. This is a big deal, because seriously, glasses? Even with two normal eyes? No depth perception. As in, none. As in, I have more with one eye in a contact lens.

This is because there’s more to depth perception than parallax, which is what two eyes gives you, and apparently the parallax data I get from two eyes through glasses is so very very out to lunch that my visual processing centre says NOPE and goes on vacation.

Plus, my glasses are heavy, and hurt my nose.

So I’m really looking forward to contacts again. And seeing things. You know. Stuff like that.

I still have a few more days of restricted activities, but only a few. It’ll take longer than that to get full vision back, but it’ll follow eventually. Can’t come soon enough, either. Still: most of the way home. Just keep thinking that. Most of the way home.

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