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anybody want a broken robot?

Anybody want my old Nimbie NB-11 CD/DVD burning robot? It'd be for tinkering - it's a marvellous device in theory, but it never worked really right.

To its credit, it never wrote a bad data side. That's the best thing I can say about it. But the input tray holds 100 CDs; despite this, I only broke 20 without the robot flipping out _one time_, iirc. Usually, once it got going - and it would generally take a few tries - it would get 15 or so before needing to be restarted.

Doing Lightscribe runs, on some designs, it would reject every disc as bad after printing correctly. Other label designs didn't do that. I never understood why. I managed to make it work less badly a couple of times, but each time, it eventually ended up being random again, and now just idling it'll start doing flaily-robot-arms, and once last week it managed to eject a disc that was in the process of being lightscribe labelled.

I took the burner unit itself out, because that works and I could use it in my workstation. The robot takes SATA drives, tho', so anything would do. That part is cheap and easy to reinstall, and if you have one already, it'll work with some modifications. (Basically you just have to take the front plate and the tray plate off - they just snap off, no tools required - and possibly will have to make the drive eject further than normal, depending upon your drive. Instructions for this are on the web if you search for them.)

Anyway, anybody wants a project with a potentially decent payoff - it'd be a great box if it just worked - let me know.

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