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vodka science

Okay so there's a lot if sampling here, so I'm a liiiiittle wobbly. But it's still science, I wrote it down.

Okay, so two good drinks came out of this. We think. This is unverified result, must try again after less sampling.

Siberian Honey:
2x vodka, 2x barenjager, 1x grapefruit juice (dirty). cold, shaken. pour strained; very sweet. Too sweet for me but the favourite of the shatterdome floor crew.

Kuril Islands Chrysanthemum:
Prepare tippy assam (black) tea, allow to cool, do not adulterate. Then:
2x vodka, 1x barenjager, 2x fresh-squeed grapefruit juice (dirty), shake hard, pour unstrained, add 1x _tea_, stir in. Unexpectedly delicate; Flowery without excess sweetness; tastes of chrysanthemum.

I'll also note this unexpected result: take the Siberian Honey, then after pouring, squeeze in a dollop of fresh squeezed lemon juice and lemon zest and stir. Result tastes inexplicably of black liquorice. If you like that, this may be good for you.

We tried a variety of other proportions, involving lemon and club soda, mostly. None of the rest were of note.

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