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invisible posts

So I've been posting like crazy the last couple of days, and most of them have NOT been showing up in your friendslist.

I know why, but it's extremely annoying.

Going backwards:

Has anybody here livestreamed an Ubuntu desktop? I've found a couple of solutions, one I can't get to work, the other I haven't tried yet but isn't really built for that.

The world's largest bluetooth speaker is a Dalek. I know, I, too, thought this was probably lame and stupid, but it's not, it's fairly cleverly engineered.

An update on that Negro American (Baseball) League recording recovery I did, as well as personal notes - eye and allergy updates.

I'm wondering if I go edit the timestamps whether they'll reappear. I don't know. :(
Tags: lies and deceit, t0000000000bs!
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