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as close to live action kigo

Being an enthusiastic Kigo (Kim Possible/Shego) shipper, I know that will never be official, but my friend Criacow told me about D.E.B.S, a supervillain-and-hero lesbian romance film, and I had to look.

It’s not quite Kigo. It’s more more like Shego and Buffy Summers, if D.E.B.S. agent Amy Bradshaw was Buffy Summers working for the Feds. But supervillain Lucy Diamond in many ways is a lot like Shego (“What do you have against Australia?” “I don’t like their attitude!”) and, I have tell you, Anna and I agree she can crash over at our lair any time.

There’s not a lot of depth here, but that’s kind of its charm; dyke film without Horrible Things Happen are thin on the ground – hero-supervillain lesbian romance without Horrible Things Happening even moreso – so it’s really kind of amazing that any examples exist at all. If you think of it as PG-rated Kigo / BufGo live-action comedic slash, it succeeds fantastically well! Just don’t expect something else.

Honestly, it’s such a tiny market that I have to assume they wrote this movie for me, and I didn’t even know. So, thanks, Angela Robinson! And sorry I didn’t know at the time. I’d've, I don’t know, stolen some money for you or something. Make another one, I’ll see what I can do. ♥

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