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Collection: The SFWA, Sexism, and Racism Posts

This collection covers posts made in reaction to various sexism and racism explosions in geek culture. Topics include the Hugo Award, SFWA, and PAX controversies, as well as commentary on queer erasure with particular regard to Legend of Korra and Wikipedia, but also in other areas.

If you’re a guy, particularly, and still don’t think sexism and outright misogyny are a problems in geekdom, I hope you’ll read Power and Supervillainy, and then Gatekeeping and Recourse: what only men can do against sexism in geek culture.

And now, the list of posts, by topic:

The 2015 Hugo Capture – how a political slate captured nearly all literary nominations:

Legend of Korra, Korrasami, and Queer Erasure (attempted):

General geek culture; also GamerGate, and PAX related posts:

SFWA and petition-to-SFWA related:

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