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a groupnoun for a collective noun of microphones

Yesterday’s post about a groupnoun (apparently “collective noun”) for microphones generated a lot of suggestions – 28! – for alternates to “silly,” so we’ve made a poll! Pick your preference.

Each suggestion is followed by the name(s) of the person or persons who suggested it, and where they made the suggestion – LJ means Livejournal, DW means Dreamdwidth, G+ is Google Plus, FB is Facebook.

Pretty much the only places sitting this out were Twitter and Tumblr.

The question of a groupnoun for a collective noun of microphones – which would be applicable here – is left as an exercise for the reader. I might suggest a “redundancy.” XD

A Groupnoun of Collective Nouns for Microphones
(You have to vote at the band site, because reasons; no account needed)

  • [ ] A Boom of Microphones (Pauline, band site)
  • [ ] A Bouquet of Microphones (Kensaro, LJ)
  • [ ] A Feedback of Microphones (Corvi & Jessie C, DW; Clemtaur, LJ; Susan Davis, FB)
  • [ ] A Garden of Microphones (oh6, LJ)
  • [ ] A Heard of Microphones (Josh K, Russ, Susan Davis, FB)
  • [ ] An Impedance of Microphones (Scott, band site)
  • [ ] An Isthisthingon of Microphones (cmcmck, LJ)
  • [ ] A Myriad of Microphones (Erik, FB)
  • [ ] A Silly of Microphones (Me, band site/original post)
  • [ ] A Sputtering of Microphones (Russ, FB)
  • [ ] A Stand of Microphones (Pauline, band site)
  • [ ] A Vibratery of Microphones (Geoff Gill, Google+)
  • [ ] One of the Excluded: Audience, Captivation, Clamour, Clip, Coil, Compression, Condensation, Crowd, Element, Gearslut, Influx, Interference, Neumann, Pattern, Screening, Shureness, Stance (Various)
  • [ ] One not in this poll (but will be specified in comments)


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