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we finally have a stage banner

nwcMUSIC finally has a dedicated stage banner. It even says Norwescon! It doesn’t technically use the “Norwescon logo” (official) as to make it work we had to lose the spaceship, but it’s still recognisably Norwescon, I think.

Last year we were still using one of the wayfinding vinyls, and that was still big enough to show up decently in stage photos, which is, of course, the point. This will show up better. ^_^

Also, with all the nwcMUSIC workshops moving from the unfindable Salon to the more-easily-findable Evergreen, we’ve made new vinyl banners and are upping the ‘wayfinding’ game. I sure hope we get some boost to turnout – the new workshop rooms are a lot bigger. We were overflowing in Salon, but Salon was tiny. Evergreen… isn’t.

As this is posted, we are nine days and seven hours to curtain. Stay on target.

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