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Hey, Norwescon attendees!

If you’re coming here on Sunday or later, looking for the Kitting Out Cheap handout from the Home Recording panels, here y’go. If you have no idea what I’m on about: it’s five pages of information and tips on building a small home recording studio. Grab a copy if you like, it’s useful even without the panel it goes with.

If it’s not yet Sunday and you’re reading this for the first time, K almost has enough money to livestream the shows in hidef, but even without that, lots and lots of concerts will be livestreamed for your enjoyment! if you are on-site, don’t watch the stream go up to Evergreen 1&2 and watch live! But if you can’t attend, here’s where you can go to watch. And throw K a few bucks, eh?

That’s all for now. I may and may not post here during the events, but I’ll certainly be active on Twitter.

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