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yesterday I took down a sign

Yesterday, I took down the “forced hiatus due to eye surgery” notice on the shows page, and added a couple of events.

It’s been a while, I have to say. Feels good tho’, even if I still have another round of eye surgery yet to come. Hopefully that hiatus will be shorter.

So! Six shows in two days and what do I have for it, photographically? Very little! Because I was too busy playing my zouk. But I have a few.

I bought a new vest at the fair. I love this vest. It is what Utena would wear in this situation. It is utterly unlike what Utena actually wears but is exactly what she would wear. That is my story and I am sticking to it. :D

The vendor who sold it… I felt kind of bad for them. They’d arrived in the heavy rain and set up way off from the main event, one of the few places they could get a cement floor and cover. It was off by the performer’s lunchroom and next to nothing else. I hope this wasn’t the only thing they sold, because they had some nice clothing.

The new piper. I did not retain his name, which is criminal, because he was not just good, he was incredibly knowledgable. You don’t even want to know how old those pipes are he’s carrying around, either. Lots of fun to listen to.

Another one that’s best viewed larger at the Flickr page; this is the view from the… south stage? Facing away from the fair. An interesting backdrop to be sure, but very difficult to shoot photos as a result. SO BRIGHT.

Saturday Evening Dinner at Mo’s, presumably not related to Moe’s, except actually I suspect actively related to Moe’s. That’s Shanti, Zinger, Tabitha, Shanti’s Mom, and me.

The Pearwood Players! Doing a randomly-reassigned-roles version of Robin Hood lore. Pretty funny, for real.

Doctor Who Wait and What Now? I suppose he makes more sense than the Captain America who showed up, though.

Harbour sea lions, in Newport! And they are big animals up close. They’d been reasonably quiet until Shanti and I set them off by accident, walking down Bay Boulevard singing General Taylor at the top of our lungs. We weren’t even drunk! But that didn’t stop us. We watched them barking and make an incredible racket for a good half an hour before calming down for the night.

As I said, I don’t have any proper photos of performance, but I do have an audience photo – this was from a video shot by ShantiMom, and is a frame grab. It’s a little j-peggy (is that a word? It should be) but not bad otherwise:

And that’s what I’ve got. Small festival, only the second year, hopefully it’ll pick up a bit over time. We did pretty well; I was happy and enjoyed myself, even if I was Squinty McSquintyeyes half the time. Next up… I dunno! We’ll see. Check the show schedule page. There’ll be something soon.

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