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bitcoin is hilarious

Hey, Bitcoin is totally p0wnable? And people have known this for a while but said it would never happen? But it did. This isn't the way you think - this isn't some hack, it's a design flaw, it's a mode for hostile takeover, and if somebody has enough CPU power available, there is exactly fuck and all you can do about it.

And the Bitcoin boosters are still all LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LA LA LA LA LA

This is hilarious. As an economist I heard quoted said, "At least when the tulip market collapses, you have tulips."

Relevantly, Global Guerrillas asks, "Gosh, I wonder who might have as much CPU power as they want, when they want it?" Oh, rite.


Me, of course, I invest exclusively in meme currencies.

Tags: economics, politics
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