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cabinets and cabinets and cabinets

Okay, first, the updated kitchen corner shot, with green!

2014-07-23, morning.

Only the horizontal trim bar has the second coat of green on it in this picture; the rest will darken to match.

But the big thing is - okay, that corner? At the countertop level, it's dead space. With stuff put where it makes any sense at all, that corner becomes inaccessible. Here's what used to be there, and where the stove used to be.


We're rotating the stove 90 degrees to the right and moving it out of that corner, because if it's in that corner, 1) it's burning the cabinets (see the heat damage?) and 2) you can't even open the oven door completely, it hits the refrigerator. You can just see the side of the fridge in the lower right hand corner of the lower picture. That's terrible. So we're fixing it. (The fridge has to go under the cabinets to the right - it can't go anywhere else.)

But I didn't want to put just countertop there because that creates really massive dead space. So I made a countertop that opens (three different ways!) to reveal a large, deep drawer's worth of storage.

Click to embiggen

You'll note where I had to build interesting leg arrangement to dodge the gas supply. Also, the drawer part (and to-be-attached countertop access) isn't connected to the legs; it's sitting in the plywood skirt that wraps around it. This is so it can be removed entirely for things like gas line access, without removing the legs/frame/skirt assembly.

et volia

It was originally going to be two panel top access, not three, but I was thinking about it and the only rational place for the microwave is against the right side of that wall, so the largest access is really mostly a countertop that I'm not nailing down. Since the whole storage space is one big compartment, you can still access everything even with a microwave sitting on that panel.

I had/have been planning to cut a hole in the bottom of the storage area (the white floor area, on the left) into which a bin would be inserted, to use even more of that dead corner space. Picture in the last panel a rectangular hole into which drops a plastic bin. (I wanted it to be removable for cleaning, too; hence a drop-in bin, rather than a permanent installation of some sort.)

But now I am somewhat less certain of that whole phase of the project. It does add more storage space, for sure. But I worry that removing the bin will prompt items to be dropped through to the floor. I was going to attach a cloth bag of some sort around the bin, attaching it to the underside of the primary storage area, but now I wonder if I'm just getting gimmicky.

Any thoughts on that?

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