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I've had a shitty couple of days, so I'm going to focus on the good part: I've got the lower tier of lights working in the kitchen restoration.



Okay, that's out of the way. So. I need to split this cable and power supply around and also shorten a bunch of the supplied cables (see above) and some of that's not interesting, but a little of it is. Specifically, hey, let's use old DSL noise filters as project cases!

That's a Fancy Y Cable, Basically

Old DSL Filter Case

Power comes in the right side in the latter photo, and goes out both sides, because that makes sense in this particular setup. I'm doing this at the four-wire point because I'm wanting to be on the far side of the controller - I only want one controller for all the lights, so there's only one switch, and so on. I could probably just run a bunch of extension wire between the three separate LED strips, but that's hacky and weird compared to this.

Regardless, to get between the lower LED tape and the upper LED tape, I need to run wire in the cabinets, and I want that to be modular because of reasons. So I'm using old PC internal power connectors - they're four-pin, and modular! Of course, the wire colours are all wrong, so I'm fixing that with heat-shrink insulation in the appropriate colours.

Left side finished, right side in progress.
Also, I'm bundling the completed cable in larger heat-shrink, for neatness

It's hard to get the colour balance right in this photo, but the lower bank is in; the upper bank doesn't have to be yet, to use the lower, because again - modular! It's awesome. This is a full-power white test, with some treatment in iPhoto to bring down contrast levels in the original picture. (The phone wants to use the brightest light as reference, and, well, anyway, trust me, the LED strip is very bright at this setting.)

Jerky panorama is jerky

I love how it makes the 1958 formica just glow. Also all the aluminium works particularly well here. It's lush.

Aluminium Glow

I'll probably set the LEDs to a warmer colour - you have a lot of colour range to work with in these lights - for final purposing. But this... it's kind of neon and electric and awesome, for now. <3

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