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Finally _actually_ finished.

Okay, now I'm actually done. I made the mini-counter/cabinet/appliance divider this morning, once the stove arrived. It has thin vertical storage under it, good for things like cookie sheets and the like, but really, it's more about not being wodged against the fridge any more than necessary while cooking. And about having a place to put down the salt.

I should probably have added a towel hook too, thinking on it. Oh well, that’s easy to add later.

There are a couple of assembly points on the cabinet that aren't entirely what they could be, which is what happens when you design+build in two hours. I've got them glued and held in place by tape serving as temporary clamps. If that holds up - yay! If not, I can tack it properly later. Mostly, particularly in one case, it was just not thinking of it until it was already in the house and not wanting to yank it all back out again. (Even though it does just slide in and out...)

I've got some construction pics, too; I'll post those later.

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