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How the mini-cabinet was built

This is how the mini-cabinet is built, seen almost completed. Some design considerations were driven by using only material I had on hand. There was just enough length in the remaining top-access custom cabinet in the corner (the one the microwave sits on) to do the countertop and shelf here, which was really convenient. The legs are oiled with mineral oil, like cutting boards are.

The above picture is seen from the bottom of the cabinet, essentially; the legs are pointed towards you. One leg has not yet been attached, but I presume its attachment is obvious.

The reinforcement rail on the underside of the countertop is actually from the Ikea table that I bought to use as a countertop. That rail is now returned to service in its original design intent, albeit in an entirely different location. The lower reinforcement rail is from the same plank as the front legs - it was the remainder of that board, more or less. You can also see the metal strapping; the screws are brass.

Major attachment points are either screwed in or nailed-and-glued. In a couple of cases I used screws and glue, and in one place, glue only, because tacking wasn't practical; it was a last-minute addition. It has tape with the glue, acting as a clamp for overnight. If it fails, I can tack it down and re-glue it and it will be fine. (It's not really structural, just cosmetic.)

There's only one intrinsic sidewall in this cabinet. That's because the other wall would be flat against the oven, and that struck me as Bad Idea Bingo. I'm worrying needlessly, but still. Also, I didn't have any other quarter-inch A/A-grade plywood, and, as above: this is a build using only existing materials.

Still, for a two-hour cabinet-bash, I think it came out well.

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