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creative tricks musicians can’t use but want to

I’ve just been watching artists and writers online talk about what they listen to or just generally have on in the background while they’re working. A lot of people are saying they are stimulated by that, it makes them more creative.

But I’m a musician, so I can’t do that for most of my creative time. I can’t have music on (because hi, I’m writing or performing music) and I can’t have a television on (because there’s no point, I’m watching the digital audio workstation), and I haven’t had much luck with spoken podcasts – I’m paying too much attention to the sound I’m working on and don’t get much of anything out of it.

But back when I was a visual artist, I could totally do that trick. I kind of miss it. Right now, I’m doing paperwork and stuff and have Anpanman on the background, which is about the right level of non-distracting stimulus.

I’d like something akin to that for the studio, mostly for when I’m doing tedious things like timing edits and comping. You know, the boring shit. But I have no idea what that would be. Anybody have any ideas?

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