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Walmart murder: no charges

This is about the black Wal-Mart shopper carrying around a toy gun and talking on the phone, who was shot dead without warning by police. The link is to a video which shows a sync of the 911 call and the store video. The caller to 911 needs to be on trial for murder one. He repeatedly lies - and has admitted he knowingly lied! - on the phone, claiming that the man had "tried to load" the (toy) gun, claiming that the man was pointing it at children (visibly a complete fabrication, the video is synced up with the audio, the toy gun is pointed at the ground the entire time when the man is making the statement), claiming the victim was aiming it at people when no people were present and the gun was pointed at the ground.

The caller set this guy up to be killed. He needs to be on trial for murder.

This is a link to a news story with a graphic video that shows the murder.

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