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Apparently I have some comp tickets to shows at the Wise in Vancouver

I donated last year to the Wise Theatre fundraiser, and apparently that included either one or two free tickets, I didn't even know. But I just got email reminding me there are only five shows left to use them.

Anyone in Vancouver interested in these shows? As far as I know, they... out to be transferrable? If anybody nibbles, I'll find out. I'm in town on the 3rd, but busy at VCON, and then I'm not back in town again until November 7th, and back out before the 14th, so yay timing! Or the opposite of that.

Anyway, the shows:

· Oct. 3rd Slim Cessna:
· Oct. 10th Now & Then Megaphone Fundraiser w/ Rain City Chronicles (10 tickets only):
· Oct. 22nd Supersuckers:
· Oct. 31st Halloween Bash:
· Nov. 14th Live @ The Wise Cousin Harley

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