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4chan Strangler Last Believed to be in Portland, Oregon

The 4chan Strangler who murdered a woman and posted pictures (and participated in discussion) on 4chan after the killing is still on the loose. THIS IS A REAL STORY, NOT A JOKE. It is believed the suspect's name is David Kalac. The car he is believed to have stolen was last seen in Portland, Oregon.

BE WARNED THAT IN RESPONSE TO MOD DELETIONS, 4CHANNERS ARE REPOSTING THE PHOTOS ON OTHER SITES. Some of these sites are linked in the 4chan reddit. Repost sites include imgur (multiple times),, and others. So far, they are not on large sites like tumblr or twitter, tho' there have been attempted reposts on reddit which got people banned.

There have also been reposts of the entire thread. This thread is violently misogynistic in both visual and text content. If you take any extra steps in the event of 4chan misogynist upsurges (blocking images, etc), take them now.

Also posted to ソ-ラ-バ-ド-のおん; comment count unavailable comments at Dreamwidth.

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