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today there will be lasers in my eyes

Today there will be more lasers in my eyeball! Sadly they will not stay there so I will not be able to laser my enemies with my eyes. However, I should have my UV vision back once all is said and done, which will be nice for tracking my enemies with my eyes.

I was also hoping for telephoto but that hasn’t entirely worked out. It’s okay. Upgrades later.

We had a really productive rehearsal yesterday for the release concert. Learned a lot. There’s lots to do but it was nice to have all the guest villains there, and I think everybody has a good idea of where they are and need to be.

More when I’m back out from the lab, I hope. Until then, go read Anna’s post about Legend of Korra and Korrasami, and if you missed it, my post on queer erasure at Wikipedia as applied to fiction in general and this in particular. I have a lot of Korrasami feels. I really do.

eta: it didn’t go super-well. It didn’t go disastrously, but it didn’t go super-well either. Damage from the previous eye surgeries was the cause. I will definitely not be getting normal vision back in this eye – fully normal was a bit of a long shot, but now it’s really ruled out. :(

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