Solarbird (solarbird) wrote,

apparently I am semi-invisible to MRIs

I would normally not mention real-life things like going in for an MRI (may’ve done something to my shoulder, doesn’t bother me much, they want to look to be sure), but discovering that I am kind of invisible to MRIs is just weird.

It took them like 12 tries to get any kind of image, pulling me in and out of that stupid thing over and over again, and I’m not even ramping up that number. It was more than 12 times, I’m sure. They were trying with three different attachments hooked up like four different ways and ended up needing to focus the thing on a water bottle for a while before it could find my shoulder at all. They rebooted the entire MRI system like three times and all the images were completely blank until they tried that water bottle thing.

tereshkova2001 suggested on Twitter that I cut down on the deuterated water. I say cytotoxicity be damned, how the hell else am I going to keep this muscle density? Exercise? Hah!

Also I am apparently the first person to ask for CBC3 on the keep-you-distracted-from-the-scary-clanging-noises headset. I do not think this is related, but I cannot be sure.

And the sedative they gave me (liquid form valium) to keep me from blasting the machine to pieces? I do not like sedatives. This is not an exception. This is not a paranoid-and-hallucinating non-exception, but it is still not an exception.

I guess really Monday was mostly a write-off. At least I practiced a bit for the show, between bouts of trying really hard not to fall asleep.

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