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oh right, there are books too: bone walker the novel is out!

TODAY IS THE RELEASE DAY FOR BONE WALKER, THE NOVEL! Book Two of The Free Court of Seattle, the thing this album before, is out today. Anna has posted about it in detail here, and here all the places you can buy it – Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Smashwords, Kobo, Google Play, etc., in eBook form.

But! If you want the physical copy, and you don’t know Anna personally, there’s one place: right here, via our page, because reasons. Faerie Blood, the first book, is also available in print format here. You don’t need PayPal, even.

So Shiny

Anna is taking questions for characters and answering them in character, over at her blog. So if you’ve ever wanted to interrogate the world’s only unseelie Elvis impersonator, now is your chance. XD

But seriously, both books are good, go read them, you’ll like it. Maybe listen to the soundtrack while you’re reading, too. It’ll be fun. :D

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