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everything new and incomplete

I’ve been writing songs again for the first time since all those eye surgeries, and the Clallam Bay Comicon show is going to be any of them I can get to a really solid first draft. There’s going to be at least two: “Thirteen” and “Supervillain for I Love You.” There aren’t enough supervillain love songs, so I’m writing one. And will likely write more.

There’s at least a shot at “We’re Not Friends” and I can’t rule out “Everybody’s Famous (at the NSA)” and maybe another one. “Everybody’s Famous” is pretty fucked up, I’m just putting that out there now.

Here, have an orchid picture. I semi-inherited this plant; I found it abandoned and pretty dried up. But it recovered and now it has strange little flowers.

So what is
supervillain for I love you?
supervillain for I care?
supervillain for I need you?
supervillain do you dare?

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