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N things about yourself which are not generally known

I was tagged on Livejournal in a locked post for this one; she asked me to come up with 6 things about myself, not generally-known (the actual number was chosen by her, and could have been anything between 6 and 25).

  1. I hate artificial orange flavour. Hate it. Actual oranges are fine, chocolate flavoured with orange oil is okay. Everything else is terrible and awful and no.
  2. I did AI research back in ye daye, in sentence parsing and sentence generation. It wasn't published - I didn't try - and some of it has been being recreated by Google only in the last couple of years. I find that kind of hilarious, and maybe sad. But the actually amusing part is that it was being done in FORTRAN IV, a language which lacked strings of any kind.
  3. Relatedly, I've written basic string handing libraries. Several times, actually. Also in FORTRAN.
  4. It's fairly well known amongst friends that I don't remember childhood. But I've had these nightmares - as an adult! - of the Scary Butterfly in the Television. I didn't know what it was until a couple of years ago when I fell down a Wikipedia well. It was the CBC Butterfly logo from when they first went colour. Apparently, that thing freaked Tiny Me right the hell out. Did. Not. Want.
  5. Amongst my circle of friends, I'm the one who found World War Z and said "check this out, it looks amazing" and everybody read it and thought it was awesome. Except for me. I got busy and never read it. It's still on my to-read pile.
  6. I forgot a sixth thing when I posted this the first time.

Comment if you want a number!

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