Solarbird (solarbird) wrote,

a new game

My new game is “play my warmup songs using the most difficult variant chord fingerings I can find.” It’s kind of hilarious how different everything sounds.

This sounds kind of pointless, but it’s not. First, it’s good to practice your obscure chord variants, and second, and more importantly, a lot of these are minor bar chords, and that’s not a thing you need a lot of, but every so often That Other Band You Play For might throw you a song with a bunch of chords like Ebm and G#m and literally the only way to play those in my tuning is with extended minor bars and HEY GUESS WHAT I HAVEN’T BEEN DOING LATELY!

Even though I know, like, three different minor bar patterns. I just don’t actually use them for anything.

So now it’s time to pay the price. Kohaku is currently eight strings of pain, and I’m developing callouses in places on my fingers I’ve never had callouses before.

It’s kind of fun, tho’. Other than the pain part.

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