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I have this big tall sound baffle I call “the monolith.” It was the first one I made. I play into it, and have people play into it, to minimise bounce when recording.

After Bone Walker was recorded, I moved it back towards the wall a bit to free up more space. Around then, I also noticed the monitor speakers sounded a little weird, a little… hollow? It was hard to describe. Failing to add two and two, I wondered if my monitor amp needed more work or something, but put it aside to think about later.

A couple of days ago I helped somebody with a sound engineering homework assignment on standing waves. Which made me think about this.

Today I finally did some math and HEY putting the monolith were I had originally put it, just because it seemed like a good place? Totally fixed a room mode problem*.

Let’s put that RIGHT BACK WHERE WE HAD IT then, shall we? And never move it again. Perhaps I will nail it down, as a reminder.

*: Two near-double nodes! One pair at 203 and 207hz (not actually so bad), another pair at 274 and 276hz (fairly bad). Moving the baffle back to the old location disrupts both.</p>

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