Solarbird (solarbird) wrote,

how many apply to you?

@fozztexx on Twitter sent me this massive bundle of amazing retro stickers as thanks for me sending him a big box of antique computer chips. How many apply to you?

I didn’t even know what was in the box, really – I’d identified a few of the small ones as collections of logic elements (NAND, etc) – but it turned out to be full of things like Atari 2600 support chips and Z-80s and video chips and all sorts of stuff decades old. And so far, mostly working! Which is awesome, since he restores antique computers.

Anyway, you get this instead of the promised article on the E Pluribus Hugo award – which I swear I will get done tonight – just because I ran out of time.

If I get time this winter, I’m going to make a Radio Shack TRS-80 LDOS laptop – emulators exist! – just to have somewhere to put the black Radio Shack TRS-80 sticker. :D

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