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wow, this is... yeah.

Oh my gods, this is the most fucked up thing. I mean, on the scale of things, maybe not, but for its scale, the clusterfuckery is magnificent.

Okay, so, there's an arterial road not far from my house, NE 145th Street. We're trying to get HOV and transit improvements on it, but it is a jurisdictional nightmare.

Here's what I mean:

It's also a state highway, designation SR 523. The state DOT state have authority because of that.

But also, Seattle city limits go up to the middle of the road, so the eastbound lanes and the southern sidewalk are City of Seattle, and City of Seattle has exclusive jurisdiction over the southern sidewalk, except that the state has a right of way covering that same sidewalk.

Meanwhile, Shoreline, which is by far most affected by this road? Their city limits start at the northern edge of the north sidewalk, and cover none of the road or that sidewalk. But! Any additional widening - necessary for HOV and/or improved transit - will be into their city limits.

You may notice that leaves the westbound lanes floating between the two cities. Yes, that in fact means that the strip in between is unincorporated King County. As is the sidewalk. Which is King County's responsibility. As you can tell, seeing as it's never, ever repaired.

to wit

This is a special kind of how-did-we-get-here-and-how-do-we-get-out, I gotta say. Fortunately, from what I'm reading, everybody is willing to hand over their chunks to Shoreline, and Shoreline is willing to take it on, because it affects them most. Except it will still be a state highway, but that's fine, all the state highways are like that and people know what to do.

But right now, wow. That's just... impressive.

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