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So basically, the Birmingham, Alabama PD has had a policy of using pepper spray on non-violent schoolchildren, as punishment for things like "back-talking."

Yes, those are all actual and correct words in the actual and correct order.

"The judge, however, stated that Birmingham SROs use of the spray on students for non-violent minor incidents was unconstitutional. He was critical in his 120-page opinion of what he saw as Birmingham SROs "cavalier attitude" towards use of the spray for minor infractions such as back-talking school officials."

Anyway, now that they're being told to train officers about this by the court, they're outraged and seeking further appeal. Here's the kind of usage record they have and are defending:

"[D]uring the period of 2006 through 2011, Birmingham public schools used chemical spray on 110 different occasions, resulting in over 300 students being injured. Another 1,200 were exposed to the chemical spray (other than the intended targets)."

I suppose it's possible this could be more grotesque, but you'd have to work at it. Or move up to rubber bullets and/or live ammunition.

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