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vcon 40 and photos

So yeah, hey, I went to VCON 40!

It's a little bit of a blur, mostly thanks to too much fun crammed into too few days followed by unfortunate con crud. All of the panels I was on went really well, and most were heavily attended - the exception being Sunday morning at 10am on self-publishing, that one not so much. None of us were awake, and by "us," I mean "VCON members" - this is a pretty seriously late-nite con.

I hung out with the hot tub crowd for a bit, and one of the surprisingly large number of fem!Sheps (the two most technically impressive were in the masquerade, see below) kept me in alcohol and unexpected affection. I got to wave papers in the air like a five-cent street-corner Leninist during the Puppies panel and that's always a good day.

They had a Family/Fannish Feud PM game-show that was not remotely worksafe but our team didn't make it up on stage, which is a damn shame. They also had super-snazzy technology that my version from some years ago didn't have and it was pretty sweet - you can see the projector in shots from below.

Captain Canuck picked up Steve Rogers and his punching bag, which was pretty hilarious but didn't stay posed long enough for me to get a shot. The Turkey Readings - wherein terrible works of fiction are read and acted out by audience members, with the rest of the audience bidding in cash to make them stop - had some new people and some prime material this year.

The Dead Dog almost imploded, because the hotel totally didn't separate "quiet" and "party" spaces and shut it down, even though I have it on good authority that this was in the contract and there will be repercussions, and everyone including everybody snuck off Elsewhere to By God We Will Have a Dead-Dog and did. When I left just before 4am, it was still going pretty strong - just every so often we had to suddenly All Be Very Quiet, with concordant shushing and sssssssssh and apparently being a party made up entirely of snakes.

Ain't no party like a Slytherin party, is what I'm saying.

So, yeah! Bought next year's memberships already, will be there for 41. You should too, it's great.

Guests of Honour

Fannish Family Feud
The room was actually packed, the empty seats are where the two teams
were sitting before they went up on stage.

Holy Shit It's Finally October of 2015 And Marty is Here
I kept calling him Calvin.

Masquerade Winners

I found an alchemist and loaded up on void, fire, and frost salts
Time to make some potions!

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