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Do not shop at the University Village QFC; do not park near it.

Copied from my Twitter feed:

So angry: I just found a $45 parking fine for Thanksgiving shopping at QFC.

I'd been - past tense - shopping there for DECADES.

But because I stopped for five minutes at a locksmith before going to spend >$300 at QFC...

Said locksmith is, I note, in the SAME PROPERTY as the QFC...

I got hit with a $45 fine for PARKING ON THE PROPERTY. The SAME property.

I was, for the record, getting a GUEST KEY made for my THANKSGIVING GUESTS

Before going to spend an hour and >$300 at the U. Village QFC. SURPRISE: $45 FINE.

On top of everything - we don't drive much; it was hidden from the inside by the dashboard.

Had I not noticed it going into the garage for something else, it would've jumped to $73 (in another few days).

Now, this wouldn't screw ME economically. But I've got friends who would've been pooched.

And it's the same lot I'd been parking in for YEARS. MANY years. Until they added a level. (And after!)

So it's an ambush ticket on top of everything else. A big HA HA FUCK YOU from QFC.

The cancellation has shown up on Diamond's website. I've printed a copy.

But my gods, what a slap in the face.

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