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machete order doesn't help

Sorry folks, Machete Order doesn't make Attack of the Clones any better. Tho' this time I did manage - barely - to stay awake, so perhaps I'm wrong - perhaps that order is why.

But I do understand all the fan edits now, just because christ, the editing on Clones was terrible. So much wasted time, so much pointlessness - it's just full of the kind of waste that makes you think, "Yeah, you know, I could edit this into shape." I think that's an illusion, because it's bullshit all the way down, but it makes you want to think that.

I had someone tell me on Facebook after I commented about this there, and I'm all like NO YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT, COUNT CRAPULA IS A TELL, HE'S CALLED "DOOKU" FOR A REASON. Sure, the three-sentence summary of this plot could be turned into a good movie, but the three-sentence summary of Plan 9 from Outer Space could be too. (And arguably it's called Captain Scarlet vs. the Mysterons, which is excellent, and proves my point.)

There aren't even good bones. Well, okay, maybe a few. But not enough to make a skeleton.

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