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jfc look at this boat

The largest cargo ship ever built just docked after its maiden voyage, in Los Angeles. Look at this goddamn thing. Particularly the second photo. It looks like something out of Thunderbirds. Gerry and Sylvia would've gone, "...I dunno, you think it's a little much?" and then said "eh no let's go for it it's the future, right?" and been nervous on set.

Particularly that second shot looks like Thunderbirds. SUPERMARIONATION IS REAL

eta: I misgrouped words when reading! It's not the (largest cargo ship ever) visiting (North America) in Los Angeles; it's the (largest cargo ship) (ever visiting North America) in Los Angeles. So it's the largest cargo ship to visit North America.

Mind you, it's still up there. It's in the list of the largest, and very near the top. But.

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