Solarbird (solarbird) wrote,

ninety-nine percent

Now that mobile view is working again, I think we’re about 99% back to normal here at the Lair. Some of the old comment sections are weird – items like “likes” and “reblogs” have moved from being little summaries at the top of the comment section to showing up as actual comments, but only in old posts, not post-rebuild ones. But we’re at about 99% now.

We also discovered that the blogroll is entirely depreciated at this point unless you’ve had one since 2012 or so, which means that’s gone now. (Sorry!)

But on the plus side, nested comments have been a thing for awhile, apparently? And I didn’t even know because they weren’t showing up as such because of the same kinds of legacy reasons. WHELP THAT’S FIXED NOW, so here we are. That’s nice, so it’s not all bad.

In other news, we sure do have a lot of brute-force root login attempts coming from mainland China IP addresses now. That’s neat. Also, some script kiddie toy is making amusingly wrong guesses about the structure of, and looking to apply exploits that simply can’t exist because welcome to l33t hax0ring 102, blogroot isn’t always system root.

Now we just have a zillion other websites to get back online…

Anyway, if you see anything too weird, let me know. Thanks.

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