Solarbird (solarbird) wrote,

spider capo, spider capo, does whatever a spider capo does

Up late playing with a spider capo, a capo that lets you capo strings on a per-string basis. It’s fun. I have found an E-heavy partial-capo configuration (yes E again I am into E lately do not mock me) that I am really enjoying.

The only downside so far is that I know a couple of my frets need replacing because they’re worn down, and it hasn’t been a big deal in normal playing yet, but it’s a much bigger deal when using the spider. “beautiful dreamy sounds hypnotising my test subjects” “aw yea Esus2 is my mind control jam” [SUDDEN BEE NOISE] GODDAMMIT FRET WEAR WHY DO YOU HATE ME?!

I don’t think I should really need to replace frets so often. Every couple of years just seems excessive, but idk, maybe that’s normal? I just hate losing the zouk while it’s being worked on, particularly since I don’t exactly have a second one. Sometimes I think I should be talking about that with a luthier – I mean, it’s not like production zouks are thick on the ground, I mean, I know of two and I have the better one, so if I want to do something about that, I’ll have to.

But that way lies guitar collector madness and also did I mention the necessary dump trucks full of money? No? Well, that’s how that works.

stupid dump trucks. stupid money.

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