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When your moral panic isn't working...

When your moral panic isn't working, go do the thing you're claiming you want to legislate against. Anti-queer activists are encouraging cisgendered men to 'occupy' women's restrooms, claiming they have a "right" to be there under rules protecting transgendered people, particularly transwomen. But they hate transmen too, of course.

Here is a better approach... Pick a large public restroom or locker room, like, one of the YMCA changing rooms. Get the male protesters to occupy the female locker rooms... you will shut down the business. Try that at one of the stadiums during a sports feature.

Another one:

A group of men should go "occupy" all the women's restrooms in the building to prove the point that men should not be welcome there.

There are a lot more at The Stranger's article, including a note that, "yesterday, a commenter on the Family Policy Institute of Washington's Facebook page suggested that men ought to undress in the women's restroom in the state's Human Rights Commission building. Commenters on news stories have proposed similar stunts."

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