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and there we go: we are (not) all SF

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a con we were going to appear at as Music GoH this autumn – We Are All SF Con, a first-year on the Washington State coast – just alerted its GoHs and attending pros via its Facebook group that 2016 is officially off. It won’t be there; we won’t be attending.

I had heard some things a few days ago that led me to believe this was pretty likely, so I am not surprised.

If you know you’re going to have to cancel an event, this far out is a much better time than closer in, so this is the smart thing to do. They’re talking about giving the con another go in 2017; hopefully it will be on the smaller scale that I advised when they were first starting to put this together. Also, I think they need more work on their intra-committee communication, but, hey, a year and a half isn’t out of the question. These are solvable problems.

Our condolences to the concom and staff who had been working hard on pulling off the always-difficult first-year fan-run convention. Better luck next time, everybody.

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