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We’re up but will probably lose power again this afternoon. Backup sharable post here.

Last night, Donald Trump, Jr., retweeted white supremacist and pro-rape misogynist Vox Day. They are attempting to assert that the “heil” Trumpist photographed outside Mr. Trump’s aborted Chicago rally last night was a Bernie Sanders plant.

However, as is almost always the case, Vox was wrong. The woman he labelled as being the plant is in fact a Bernie Sanders activist, but she was at a different event in another city (and state!) at the time, and there are plenty of photos. One of them is at her tweet:

Vox Day is best known in fannish circles for leading the “Rabid Puppies” movement to rig the Hugo Awards last year. He is also a noted anti-semite, misogynist, rape supporter, racist, and self-described reactionary. A collection of some of his commentary may be found here, and a series of We Hunted the Mammoth articles may be found here.

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