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of course it's the intent

Mississippi’s New Anti-LGBT Bill Claims That Women Can Be Fired For Wearing Pants, says Think Progress.

I kind of expected that to be clickbait, but no - it's true! You could absolutely fire (even heterosexual, cisgendered) women, solely for wearing trousers under this act.

And of course they're aiming at transgendered people, but here's Section 3.6, and it's not waving any exceptions - and no, Section 2 doesn't restrict it just to the icky fags:

The state government shall not take any discriminatory action against a person wholly or partially on the basis that the person establishes sex-specific standards or policies concerning employee or student dress or grooming, or concerning access to restrooms, spas, baths, showers, dressing rooms, locker rooms, or other intimate facilities or settings, based upon or in a manner consistent with a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction described in Section 2 of this act."
Several days ago, I blocked someone for being supportive of one of these bills, and one of the things I said before doing so is that even if you do kind of hate on transgendered people - as she did - this kind of gender policing never stops there, and is always used against all women.

Well, if you're still around, here you fucking go. I hope you get it now.

PS: By the way, it also lets anyone discriminate against people who have had sex outside of marriage. Ever. That's getting a lot of headline time. And it all applies to state employees, allowing them to refuse to do their jobs, etc. Adventures.

full bill text

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