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And yet again

The American Family Association, an anti-queer hate group, on the "bathroom panic" they've been helping raise against letting transgendered people use washrooms appropriate to their gender identity: "we've already had people testing this, going into Targets, and men going into bathrooms, there is absolutely no barrier"

Once again: every part of this is an active construction by the fundamentalist right. Every single part of it. And one of the goals is to intimidate women and police femininity - as well as boost fundamentalist voter turnout in November, of course.

There are still zero documented cases of transgendered people misbehaving in washrooms; there have still been more cases of Republican Senators doing so, and far more cases of Republican officeholders in a general sense; there is now an absolute wave of intentional, political intimidation of women in washrooms, by the fundamentalist movement, to create panic towards and violence against transgendered people.

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