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who is taken seriously and who is not

It's neat seeing who is taken seriously about this stuff, and who isn't. I'm not seeing people tell Nick Spencer that he 'brought it on himself'; I don't see people telling Nick Spencer 'not to feed the trolls'; I don't see anyone telling Nick Spencer 'You're just making it all up for the attention,' or 'Why don't you just block and ignore them?' or 'Why don't you call law enforcement instead of whining about it on the internet?'

And that doesn't even get into the false equivalences the article sets up. Thankfully, Daily Dot did get into that, at least a bit.

Fans can be loud and obnoxious on social media, making it easy for people to lump valid criticism into the same category as stupid overreactions ('The new Batmobile looks so bad I'm never reading a DC comic again') and outright harassment. For writers and creators, this can start to feel like one huge mass of negative commentary—which is probably why Faraci's article resonated with so many people.

In a lot of ways, he's right. He just doesn't seem to recognize the difference between outright harassment and vocal but constructive campaigns to improve fandom for everyone.

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