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when the old media gets it

When even old media like Newsweek gets it, it's pretty fuckin' obvious. What made it clear? The overt mockery and vicious, forthright contempt? The attempts to legislate transgendered people, including kids, into being sex offenders? Supporters of bathroom bans marching through Target screaming that queers will go to hell? North Carolina school districts authorising students to use pepper spray on other students if they're transgendered and using a washroom? The physical assaults on transwomen? There are so many options.

The Hatred of Transgender People That Dare Not Speak Its Name
By Michael C. Dorf On 6/2/16 at 6:20 AM

For many people, the actual basis for supporting restrictive restroom policies is a view—often but not always rooted in religion—that being transgender is immoral or even disgusting.

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