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Pacific Lutheran University's distatesful letter

The tone and inferences in Pacific Lutheran University's "did you REALLY mean to save KPLU?" letter really rankle. It's like they're angry that listeners organised to save KPLU as an independent station at no cost to PLU.

Were we CONFUSED? Really? C'mon. 'Are you SURE you want this group to have YOUR INFO?! REALLY? Were you IN ERROR?' Spreading FUD - Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt - much, PLU?

I am highly unimpressed. It feels like a last-second hit on Friends of KPLU/Save KPLU, like they're looking for a reason not to sell to the community and instead sell to KUOW, which will shut down KPLU's news department and who mostly want it for the transmitters, to serve as repeaters for their corporate NPR feed station.

And I don't even know why PLU would do this, unless it's personal. Whose ego got bruised at Pacific Lutheran University?

In case their FUD manages to confuse people, here's SaveKPLU's website. There's still plenty of time to donate and help buttress this community buyout.

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