Solarbird (solarbird) wrote,

swearing in welsh and playing in mandolin

@elwoodicious responded to my button-mashing arglebargle on Twitter with, “when you swear in Welsh you know it’s serious XD” but if you might know why I would be having client timeouts against the webcache varnish, but only when using the faster segment of the network, here’s today’s/last night’s data dump.

Otherwise, I’ll be adding mandolin to “We’re Not Friends,” which I’ve been working when not working on servers. (I haven’t talked about our DNS server also deciding that the login daemon was both optional and needed to be restarted every 60 seconds, have I? No. Well, it did, I fixed that too.) But…

“We’re Not Friends” is pushing me. Not from a technical standpoint, or even from an emotional standpoint, but from a communicating that emotion standpoint. Musically speaking, it’s of about average complexity – I’ve released far more complicated material. (Particularly “Stars,” hoo boy. That thing is a tiny opera.) But…

There’s an emotional complexity here that I have to get across, and I need every part of it onboard to make it work. That’s all there is to it, but it’s subtle, and most songs only have time for one emotional tone, and I’m trying to communicate an substantial emotion tonal change in three and a half minutes. But if I can do that…

Right then, back to it.

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