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i don't know what i did to piss off the overwatch gods but

i don't know what i did to piss off the overwatch gods - maybe this is payback for my "lol" move a few days ago - but gods dammit i can't buy a win the last couple of days.

i mean, okay, that's an exaggeration, i've got a few wins in there? but it's getting real sparse. i'm constantly on teams allergic to the point (news, kids: pharah should not be the ONLY TEAM MEMBER WILLING TO BE ON THE POINT), i'm constantly leading charges that evaporate to leave it 5 or 6 on one against me, i'm on griefer teams with mei players deliberately blocking my attack routes (SERIOUSLY THIS HAPPENED; you do that to me, I drop immediately, which is what I did, because fuck you), today i was on a team where i kept pulling literally half the opposition team off the point and the rest of my team would still be all dead because they would run in a straight line, one at a time, into a bastion sitting on the objective.

(i know this because it was play of the game. i saw it. i sat there and watched four? all five? of them run around the corner into continuous bastion fire. it was like watching the charge of the goddamn light brigade. it was amazing.)

i'd even told them on the voice channel about the bastion. presumably headphones were all off.

also, there's the every-session routine now that's started up, where i join a game as backfill and before i can even pick a character I get the DEFEAT animation. what the fuck good is that?

i mean, i can pick up a mediocre team. i've done it. i can even pick up a weak team and make them competitive, if things go right and we get some luck and they're responsive at all. but nobody can fix this shit.

this game is a lot less fun when you know thirty seconds in that you have no chance of winning. none. and it's that obvious, and you're getting gold medals with three kills. not three objective kills: three kills. (yes, that happened. and also massive damage and a gold for that too. but I'm Tracer, I spread the damage around a lot, by necessity. tracer can 1-on-1 with a tank, but not 1-on-3, much less 1-on-6, and when the other team has things like healers, you can harass all day at 1-on-6, but you aren't going to get a lot of kills in your pocket.)

i got onto one good team today. one. and i got one game with them before the server picked me out of that team and put it on the opposition we'd just crushed, presumably to balance the game, and that's where we had the get-in-a-line-to-be-killed-by-bastion play of the game.

it's just not fun. it feels like i was kind of getting decent at this game, and now that's over. it's the kind of thing i'm not good at handling. ah well, maybe i'll just go back to fallout.

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