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Congresswoman Suzan DelBene of Washington State has introduced H.R. 6382. It would ban religious registries without an act of Congress. (It doesn't specifically say 'without an act of Congress,' but as a Congressional law, it can be overturned by Congress, so that's implied.) Here is her press release about the bill.

Let's be clear: this won't pass. It almost certainly won't even get a committee hearing, in a GOP-controlled house, in a lame duck session.

But the more of a united Cascadian front we can get on this, the better off we are. Ideally, this should be a clear statement from our reps that we are not onboard with this.

To that end: ask your Federal representative to sign on as co-sponsor. Just add their name as such, that's all. Even ask Republicans - particularly Dave Reichert - and stress that this sort of thing is not part of our value system. It is not what we do.

Right now, DelBene is the originator, and half of the Washington State delegation have signed on over the Thanksgiving holiday, which is great. Let's at very least get that up to the majority - and preferably unanimity.

Here's the co-sponsor page on the bill. Only one Oregon rep is onboard so far, surely Oregon can do better than that.

Also, if you're in the 1st District, and DelBene is your representative, drop a note of support. And if your rep has signed on as a co-sponsor, do the same. Again: it's not about passing this, because it won't happen. It's about presenting a unified front.


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