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good morning, it's 25 january 2017

LOTS OF RACISM AND ANTI-SEMITISM BELOW. Also lots of misogyny and homophobia and misogyny. Read item 1 - it's important, because it's about how Richard Spencer is actually a _toned-down_ version of his movement - but know that the links take you straight into neofascist/future-fascist territory and it gets _real_ ugly _real_ fast.

Item 2, meanwhile, is about a false-flag operation being batted about on 8chan and even the limited about of text copied over is vile. Even if this one isn't ever pushed, we can expect more of these. Similarly, there is a @NATIONALISTACT twitter account with pro-Nazi posters up around, invoking "Cascadian Nationalist Resistance." (See: ) Don't let these fuckers take over our stuff; the left has a long history of handing over symbols and terms as soon as rightists touch them. DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR SYMBOLOGY, IT MATTERS.

Also, we know for sure now that the shooting at UW was in fact a Milo fan and supporter (who also posted to Facebook earlier about "limp wristed" protestors) shooting the protest medic.

----- 1 -----
компроматолог ( ‏@spnbmb ) on Twitter
22 Jan 2017

If you think Spencer's views are somehow outside the norm for his political peer group, I have news for you: he is toning it down a LOT.

[ Thread ]

I spent most of 2016 monitoring various /pol/ and /k/ boards on a daily basis. What Spencer says in public is just the tip of the iceberg.

"Right wing death squads" is a popular phrase & aspiration. Are many of them basement-dwelling LARPers? Sure. But look at Dylann Roof.

I witnessed firsthand the percolation of memes & talking points from imageboards to social media to "alternative" news to mainstream.

Lügenpresse got re-popularized on /pol/ and later spread to Trump rallies.

There is some internal fracturing within the ranks, where many see the term "alt-right" as too restrictive and narrativized.

The reality is that this movement is diffuse, decentralized, and absolutely opposed to labels or leadership. Normies don't get this.

Meme magic is indeed real, in a way. If you don't understand imageboard culture, you won't understand what's happening now.

GETs and blessings of Kek are a new spin on Nazi esotericism. Memes are the new propaganda ministry. Digging/doxing is the new SS.

All of these things are now amorphous & crowdsourced. You have a highly tech-literate group of angry disenfranchised men with a goal.

The most important thing about this situation is that the movement is self-directed and *self-motivating*. They do it all for free.

Nazis got uniforms & paychecks & met in buildings with a Reichsadler above the door. Today, they are all around you. How many have you met?

Not everyone will be as obvious as Spencer, with his (hip) Nazi youth haircut and Pepe pin and openness about his views. He is a rarity.

If you’re antifa, you have to know your enemy. Go spend some time on fullchan. Idle on IRC. Monitor a ‘chimpout’ thread. Research.

What do you know about the 8 of diamonds? Shadilay? Чики-брики? Go do some research. Become a /pol/ack. Only then will you understand.

I actually agree with Spencer — many /pol/acks do indeed hate him. They hate him because he is labeling the movement and attaching his name.

In a movement that thrives on flexibility and anonymity, any imposition of labels or structure is seen as an attack and rebuked harshly.

Speaking of 'chimpout' threads (their term for when PoC protest): I saw this live: They're not all LARPers.

pro tip: halfchan (4) is compromised. if you see something blamed on them, it was probably fullchan /pol/ that did it. Nice cover.

Trump's campaign absolutely monitored and took direction from /pol/, and vice versa. Do you think Trump's pepe tweet was an accident?

That's why Trump was indeed memed into presidency. Trump's campaign is absolutely connected to /pol/. Why aren't you connected too?

Here's a small sample

antifa: your enemies have been absolutely salivating for 'the day of the rope' & say trump will allow it. they're preparing for it. are you?

If you're clued in you'll realize their sigils are in many places. Look at pic related: is it Vaporwave or FutureFash? Hmm, think on it...

Posting this again so it stays attached to the thread. Grab your favorite beverage and study up:

Once you're done reading about Pepe, go read about Moonman

Just noticed @​b​akedal​aska's av. Pepe wearing Nazi uniform, carrying Mauser M30 C96 & MP40 9mm SMG (classic Nazi guns). Plain as day.

SKYDAS is a Lithuanian fascist art group. Vaporwave + fascism + Nazi aesthetic = FutureFash. Observe closely:

[RELATEDLY: 8chan recently hit post 8888888 in /pol/ which is a huge GET in their goofy numeric meme magic, and leading up to it, they were posting their hoped-for chosen prophecies. Almost all are obscenities to anyone with the vaguest brush with civilisation. takes you straight to the winner, scroll up and down to see what they were going for.]

----- 2 -----
8chan floated plan: Create Racist Twitter Accounts With Doxxed Antifa
24 January 2017


Create Racist Twitter Accounts With Doxxed Antifa Anonymous 01/24/17 (Tue) 02:31:16 ae2d5a No.8912469[Reply]

Here's an archive with their real names and photos.

Let's turn this doxxing weapon against them and get them fired for being racist online to fags, shitskins, and Jews

----- 3 -----
CDC abruptly cancels conference on health effects of climate change [Updated]
Scientists say climate is real health threat that needs attention, not politics.
Beth Mole - arsTechnica - Jan 23, 2017 11:18 pm UTC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention abruptly and quietly canceled a scientific conference on climate change and health, according to E&E News. The conference was originally scheduled for February.

The conference had been in the works for months, and it was intended to bring experts and stakeholders together to discuss the latest evidence of and solutions to health risks posed by climate change. But according to E&E, the CDC suddenly canceled the summit shortly after Donald Trump’s election. The agency notified speakers and participants in a terse email, which gave no explanation. The email noted that the summit may be rescheduled for later in the year.

Former CDC officials and conference speakers were quick to draw political connections. They noted that President Trump has called climate change a “hoax” and has vowed to dismantle “harmful and unnecessary” climate change policies.

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BREAKING: Russian Defense Ministry says its warplanes have flown first combat mission in Syria with U.S.-led coalition aircraft.
Associated Press on Twitter
9:18 AM - 23 Jan 2017

----- 5 -----
Shooter sent Facebook message to Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos before gunfire at UW protest, police say
Originally published January 23, 2017 at 8:46 pm Updated January 24, 2017 at 8:23 am


The man and his wife surrendered to UW police several hours later, claiming he fired in self-defense, according to law-enforcement officials. He was questioned and released. The Seattle Times is not naming the man because he has not been charged with a crime.

A law-enforcement source familiar with the UW police investigation said detectives obtained a search warrant for the man’s car and Sunday recovered a handgun from the trunk.

The man’s Facebook page indicates he is a supporter of Trump, Yiannopoulos and the National Rifle Association.

----- 6 -----
At GOP leaders' urging, Texas Supreme Court will consider undoing gay spousal rights
Dallas News
21 January 2017

AUSTIN — The Texas Supreme Court said Friday it will decide whether the husbands and wives of gay city employees in Houston deserve spousal benefits, a surprising and rare about-face spurred by pressure from Gov. Greg Abbott and dozens of other top Republicans.

"No city employee — whether heterosexual or homosexual — has a 'fundamental right' to receive employee benefits for his or her spouse," reads the lawsuit against Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. "It is perfectly constitutional for the government to offer benefits or subsidies to some married couples while withholding those benefits from others."

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